Messages to through an SMTP Relay quit working
For years I have had monitoring devices on my network send messages to through my companies SMTP relay. Recently (mid July) this quit working. I can't find the domains I'm using on any black hole lists that I have access to, yet my telemetry indicates these messages are being actively refused. Has there been a policy change that would cause this failure state, is there any way I can whitelist domains on the accounts I am responsible for, and how can I keep from running afoul of whatever policy is getting my messages rejected, in the future?
These messages still pass to every other carrier that I have tested,even the goofy little ones renting bandwidth from Verizon .
This is a very important part of our business process, I'm sure you can infer what my next logical step is.
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Re: Messages to through an SMTP Relay quit working
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TRACYTEA75, Thank you for reaching out to us. We certainly want to make sure that your concerns are being addressed promptly. In this case I do suggest that you reach out to our Business partners at 800-922-0204.


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