Messages to vxwpix quit working

I have a website we use while playing golf that sends out a text message to all users on the list when ever someone gets a birdie.

This has been working for over a year now without any issues.

Starting a few weeks ago, the users who have a Verizon phone (including me), quit recieving these text messages. Other users who have other carriers are working just fine.

The app is sending text via email to their through a gmail account I have.

What is strange is if I run a test through the application on my local PC (the system I develop the app on), it is working fine. I recieve messages on my Verizon phone.

If I publish the website to my hosting provider, that same code and logic sends the messages to the non-Verizon users but not for Verizon users.

I even tried to setup an AWS server to post the emails through a different IP address to see if the IP from the current hosing provider was being blocked somehow but that did not work either.

I've checked all the public blacklists and neither IP address is on a blacklist anywhere. I can't figure out why the text are only getting sent to my users when I'm on my local machine when I'm testing my development.

Again this all worked fine for over a year and it suddenly quit working a few months ago.

Any ideas on what I can do?


Re: Messages to vxwpix quit working
Customer Service Rep

We never want anyone to miss an important message. I am sorry to learn that you are and others are having troubles. The VText service is not intended to be used for large volumes of commercial messages or emergency messages, unfortunately.


Due to the inherent limitations of Internet email, Verizon provides no assurance regarding the timeliness or receipt of messages sent using this service. I recommend contacting our Business Support Team to explore the options of Enterprise Messaging. Please dial 800-922-0204 using a business number or choose the option for new service.


While I understand it is not ideal, is it possible the messages can be sent individually?