My apps (phone/computer/tablet) not syncing all my messages - sometimes I get all of them on all devices and sometimes I don't. More of them not happening lately. I have a Samsung Galaxy S8...I have disconnected the devices and reconnected them...still not happening. Also - many people have said that lately they are not getting my messages. Text or picture and I have to resend - the app is not advising me they aren't getting them sometimes until DAYS later, or not at all. I would use the stock app but the convenience of texting from my computer while at work is great...when it works. I would LOVE to have a Verizon rep get this straightened out! Some picture messages take FOREVER to send as well...

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lcmbjm, we know that sending and receiving messages is important and we want your moving smoothly again. Let's work to get to the bottom of this. Do you recall adding any new apps, games or software to one or all of these devices? When going to the phone settings, is cellular or mobile data on? The messages that seem to get stuck, are these standard text messages or multi media messages like pictures and group messages?


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