Messaging Contacts Dissappeared. Help!
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I have downloaded Verizon's messaging app on my Windows 7 PC, my Kindle Fire HDX, and my Samsung Galaxy S4. About a week ago, my contact names disappeared on BOTH my Kindle and my PC. Can someone please give me some suggestions about how to fix this? Thanks in advance for your help!

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Re: Messaging Contacts Dissappeared. Help!

This is happening to me, also, on my Windows 7 laptop. There seems to be no issue with my RazrM, or my VW Cloud account. Also, only about 2 days worth of text messages are appearing on my pc, even on threads that are several months old! I've restarted the computer, refreshed the page and the app, Gone back into the phone and synced up mobile messaging (I think.....) SO FRUSTRATING! to have to go back into my contact list on my phone to find out whose numbers are whose! Anybody out there have a solution for this???