Messaging from Computer with Group

I am using the Messaging app on my PC computer, with Windows 10  I set up a group with the name Elaines Friends, to send messages to many people at one time,  Now once you set up a group how do you find that group to send a message?  I can't find any way to that and each time I want to send a message to the same group I don't want to have to type each person again.  It sounds like a great way to notify people especially when someone is in the hospital or rehab and you need to send health updates about a loved one.  SO  where is the group I think I set up????

Re: Messaging from Computer with Group
Customer Service Rep

Having the ability to message a lot of people at one time is a huge time saver Lmansback! So I can surely see where this is needed for you. I know that Group Conversations are a part of Verizon Messages. You can create and add them, as you have done. When you look at the settings within do you see anything that says Group Conversations? I was able to locate a group I created there. Keep us posted. Also, here is some additional information about Verizon Messages that can help with the Group Conversations: