Messaging+ problema

Seeing as every time try to post a review about this on Google Play Store and it so happens to not save my review, I decided to come here. Here are a few problems I have with their app...

1) there needs to be an option to remove the microphone icon from the messaging bar. I have no use for it.


2) My stock messaging app for S5 downloads MMS messages when I have my mobile data disabled. It'll cut on my mobile data then cut it off when it has downloaded the message. I would want that feature implemented

3) My stock message also cut on my mobile data, when disabled, when I want to send picture messages. Message+ should also have that

4) Time stamps for the messages are a bit confusing to read at times. Just go back to the old time stamp to where we can see when both messages are sent and has arrived

5) There needs to be a multi select option when wanting to delete message threads

6) The pop up menu needs more options.

7) there needs to be an option to not show message content on the notification bar

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