I finally decided to give up my nice LITTLE $68 a month cell phone bill for both my wife and I to get me a smartphone, just added 2GB of Data ($40 more) so I didn't have to triple my monthly bill for a share plan since my wife is not gadget savey and simply NOT INTERESTED in having a smartphone. Then I got her a tablet for reading and facebook, of course I bought the samsung tablet at costco because we did not want to escalate our VZ bill. She uses it at home with Wi-Fi, well we travel quite a bit so I decided to move up to a 4GB data plan with Mobile Hotspot for just $10 more "Great Deal" since 2GB doesn't come with the Hot Spot. Now to the point, 4GB data plan comes with Mobile Hotspot and "free E-Mail" they should have utilized this free E-Mail space to GIVE US SOME TEXT MESSAGING! Seems a little rediculous that we get 4GB of data with Mobile Hotspot and NO TEXT "GOT TO PAY MORE", and as for free e-mail, come on all the email programs are WEB BASED so if we have a DATA PLAN we are going to have FREE E-MAIL!

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Correct. Since text messaging does not use data, it isn't covered by your data plan or Wi-Fi use. Maybe someday this will change, as the ways we communicate constantly changes. In the meantime, there are lots of instant messaging alternatives, like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. Or, as you said, e-mail is covered by data. Regardless, I hope you are enjoying your smartphone and your wife likes her tablet.

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Verizon Messages recently launched its Integrated Messaging Service, which allows you to send and receive text and multimedia messages from your phone, tablet or the web using your Verizon Wireless phone number (messages sent and received will count towards your messaging plan). Up to 90 days of Messages are Synced between all devices and the web.  Please visit to get more information and download the Verizon messages app to your tablet (the Verizon Messages App is available for android tablets and the Apple iPad). Thank you.

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