Messenger suddenly using data

In the past 2 billing cycles the Messenger+ app is using 2 plus gig of data on 2 of the 3 lines on my plan. No change in usage habits, just suddenly burning up data. Spoke to Verizon rep in store and they were unable to explain it. They suggested changing messenger apps but dont feel that I should have to. Doesnt make sense that one of the lines uses no messenger + data, while the other 2 are the highest catagory of usage? Very frusted and upset for losing data!

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Re: Messenger  suddenly using data
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Which phone models does this involve?

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Re: Messenger suddenly using data
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Timbrockway, we know how important it is to keep your data under wraps. We always want to ensure that you have the right expectations for data usage on Message+. Can you tell us more about the typical messaging habits on these two particular phones? How have you been tracking the data for the Messenger+ app so far? Please confirm the make/model of the phones in question so we can further assist.



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