Moto g power sometimes doesn't send or receive texts using verizon message+ or Google msgs

I actually have a #moto g power but that's not a choice in the list

I've tried both Verizon Messages+ and Google for text messages. Sometimes I don't receive texts or the person I send to doesn't receive mine. It's not consistent -- can be different people, a group, when I'm on my home network, when I'm out and about using 4G. Some I get, some I don't. Some that I send are received, some aren't. Since it's 2 different apps I'm thinking some issue with my phone or with Verizon. My husband also on a Moto sometimes doesn't receive my messages or doesn't receive until like an hour later.

Any suggestions?

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This does not sound right at all. I know my main communication is via text. We will figure out what is going on. We will figure this out. I know you mentioned that this happens to different people. How are your picture messages? Is anyone besides you and him having issues?