Motorola Moto E Integrated Messaging (Message+) Subscribe Fail.

Picked up a Cheap xt1528 Moto E - Can't setup integrated messaging. (everything else on the phone seems to be doing fine)

inside the Message+ app, I go:

Menu>Settings> and under Integrated Messaging Features: Subscribe.

I tap it once, and it just brings me back to the home screen for Message+

(doesn't ask for phone numbers or addresses or anything like on my tablet or iphone)

What am I doing wrong?

So far, while troubleshooting, I have:

Uninstalled updates (cannot uninstall the entire app) - tried it that way, does not work

Reinstalled updates

Wiped app data

and a whole lot of restarting the Moto E after each setting just to be sure...

Any other advice?

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We certainly want to make sure all of the functions work with your device Inferi. Do you have Prepaid service or is this with Post pay service? Besides it going back to the home screen, are you getting any error mesages at all?

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