Multiple Issues with Messages+

Was hoping this could replace my messages app and allow me to converse via texts on my android tablet and/or my Windows PC in addition to my iPhone 8+.  I have the application installed in all three places.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times, cleared out the install cache, and even wiped my tablet clean and started fresh.

1) Every time I start up the app (on all three devices), it seems to be looking to set up voice calling, and every time, I get an error message that states "Voice Calling Error: Unable to setup Integrated Calling on your account at this time.  Please try again later."  I don't know how to resolve this.  I do have Voice and Data activated within the LTE Cellular options, as per the instructions.

2) The app on the iPhone seems to be freaking out on the main screen, constantly trying to connect--I'm not sure why as text messages seem to sync okay.  But all day long the top of the window keeps switching back and forth from "Connecting.." to "Messages".  It actually gives me a headache to look at the main screen.  This doesn't seem to be impacting the functionality of the app--it syncs just fine.

3) I cannot receive any images from anyone.  If you send my phone number a text, it appears on all three installed apps (eventually/most of the time, see #4 below).  Images, however, do not arrive in Message+.  They only appear in the native messages app of my iPhone.  I can apparently SEND images from Message+ okay, but I cannot receive them.  Even when I send myself tests--if I send myself a test text message, i receive it in Message+, but if I send myself an image, it shows successfully sent, but never reappears in Message+.  The image will show up in my native iPhone app.

4) Messages are incredibly slow to sync on other devices.  If you send me a text, I get it relatively quickly after the native app gets it.  My PC and Tablet, however, sometimes get notifications 5-10 minutes later----and sometimes never.  If I open the app, however, then it quickly synchronizes and lists the new messages in the window.

Basically the whole system is broken.  I was hoping for an experience more akin to Google Voice, where the same texts and images are available online, on my devices, and on my phone.


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Ren Talos, we know how important this feature is to you. I did send you a private message, so we can assist you better. 


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