My text messages have the wrong timestamp

I have just recently started receiving text messages with timestamps that literally occur in the future (on the order of 10-15 minutes).  I replaced my phone droid turbo with a google pixel 2 and have the same problem.  My friends do not receive this error.  I use Message+.  I have updated my operating system.  I have already checked and reset my date/time to be received from my network and it doesn't matter whether I'm on Wifi or 4G. 

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Re: My text messages have the wrong timestamp
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tomai443, this is really odd behavior especially for it to have occurred on two different phones. Thank you for the steps you have taken to try to fix this. Did this immediately start happening when you got the Google Pixel 2? You mentioned you have updated the software of the phone, is there an update to the Message + application?  


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