My wife can't text me back.

We both have Android phones One is a galaxy s5 and the other is a LG4. I can text her no problem. The problem is on her end. When she receives a text from me my contact is blank and she can not reply back. We Both can receive and send texts from everyone else she just can not text back to me. We can both call each other.

I have forced stopped both phones  and rebooted.

i have deleted our contacts and tried texting blank contacts... no luck

I have added each other as a new luck

her phone is the LG4 using Verizon messinger

My phone is the galaxy s5  using the installed samsung messenger.

Not going to do a hard reboot. I'm not erasing everything on our phones

Any suggestions?

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I would be concerned if my text messages were not working correctly DAPYDUDE, in this case it does seem like you have followed most of the troubleshooting steps, we would recommend creating a backup of your device so that the factory reset can be done on the phone.

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