New account, unable to send multimedia messages and cant acees acc. add ons

New Verizon post paid account, in the first 10 days of service I've spent 10 hours with customer service trying to fix account issues. None of my three lines can send or receive mulit media text messages, and none of the lines can access the account add on, like disney/hulu/discovery, pages. And to add to the host of problems the rep who started the account opened three accounts with one line, vs. 1 account with three lines like i requested and verizon say they are unable to merge the accounts. Verizon keeps giving me the run around, I've been told four tickets have been opened and that I would get follow up calls within 48 hrs, which has never happened in 10 days. Im coming up on the end of the 14 trail period. Anyone else experience anything similar? Customer service also declines to credit with for missing  and lack of services. After 16 years of various Verizon pre and post accounts, it looks like its time to go to ATT.