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I used my upgrade at Verizon for my sons new iPhone 6. He currently has a 4. His new phone came with a pre loaded SIM card but it has my phone number because it was my upgrade. My question is ... Doesn't the SIM card contain my phone number ? Is it possible to dismantle the iPhone 4 and get his SIM card out and if so ... If it's too big can it be cut down ? HELP ??!!

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Help is here. We would like to clarify things. Sim cards can be attatched to the line that it was order from to make the automated option work. You can still activate it on another line however. The iphone 4 for Verizon Wireless doesn't have a sim card. The 4s does but not the 4. You can properly activate it on our website, we can help you here, or you can call 800-900-0204. Stores can also get the job done. Please let us know if there is more that you need.
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