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  •  like last month I had to pay an extra month for promo, Verizon. Finally got promo taken care of, now the next bill has another tax payment again in my bill for taxes paid 3 times on 2 phones, the credit was issued for 3rd charge, now if this bill doesn’t get corrected I am gonna have to pay extra or Loan VZW money, then have to waste more time calling to get refund back, I have had to call 11 times since dec,11 20, I ordered a new line and did bogo , but it has been a mess since then,  I just want the billing correct, I called 2 weeks ago they put a ticket out to make sure it’s corrected, I called last sat when I noticed it still wasn’t corrected, the rep said sir if it’s on your bill, call and we will issue a credit, I am tired of calling,  I am only gonna pay the correct amount I am not paying the 206,  the rep said the next bill is always wrong, why the heck is it posted if it’s not correct? Makes no sense only more confusing than the basic billing already is. I have been a customer since 98. 22 yrs consecutive 
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Thank you for sharing these details with us on your billing concerns, Rguz11. We know getting the full value with your new phones and promotion is essential. To help look into the status from the account, please send us a Private Message.