No longer receiving text messages after using Message+

I have a Google Pixel XL on Verizon. Recently, I decided to try Verizon's integrated messages app, Message+, so I could send and receive SMS messages on my computer and tablet. However, once I installed Message+ on my computer and tablet, I no longer received text messages on my phone - neither to my phone's default messaging app, nor to Message+ on my phone. I received texts to the Message+ apps on my tablet and computer, but because neither of them are LTE-connected, that meant that I could not receive texts when not on WiFi. Obviously this is a problem. However, I recently tried to uninstall and reinstall the Message+ apps on my computer and tablet in the hopes of fixing this situation, but now I cannot receive texts at all. I would very much like some assistance with this problem, and if anyone has a fix I'd love to hear it.

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I rely on my text messages to keep me connected throughout the day and definitely want to make sure you can send and receive text messages, ABUCK691. Let's dig into this. Please make sure your message+ app is up to date on your phone? Are you able to send a message to yourself from the phone and receive it on the phone? Have you removed message+ on all other devices to see if messages work on the phone again?



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