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My wife and I are experiencing the same problem on different phones (Note 8 and LG V20). We do not receive a sound notification when receiving text messages. We'll get visual notification in the status bar and also sent to our smart watches but cannot get a sound alert to sound on the phone. I've tried to use notification sounds that came stock on the phones as well as notifications I've downloaded using the Zedge app but neither are working.

I've tried fixing this by going into the customization settings and also in the phone's sound settings. I've also restored the Message+ app to the default settings to try to fix this problem. I downloaded the generic Android app and I am able to get sound notifications using that app but much prefer the Message+ app and would like to resume using it if I can fix the fact I am not getting a sound alert. Please let me know if I am overlooking something. Thank you!!!

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Help is here! I would be lost if I wasn't receiving notification sounds for my texts coming in. Most people use texting a lot more than phone calls these days, so when you don't hear that notification, it can be a problem. You've certainly done a lot of troubleshooting on your own & that is very much appreciated. Let's uncover a few pieces of information to this puzzle. When did this problem start to happen? Around this time, was there any recent changes done on the phone such as new apps downloaded or a new software update performed? Are you receiving notification sounds for other things such as voicemail, email or apps? You stated that you restored the Message + app to the default settings. Does this mean you've checked to make sure that the Message + app has been fully updated in the Play Store?




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I am unable to change my notifications from the default sound with the new Update. I changed it in the custumized section and it still reverts to the default for the phone which is now annoying me. everything is on the default and I cant figure out how to change the notification! HELP