Not receiving short codes since porting from Sprint

We ported from Sprint to Verizon on Sept 6th.  We were recieving short codes fine up until the 17th.  On the 18th we stopped receving short codes from any source that we had already been signed up to.

The most important being Social Security but also many retailers like home depot, ulta, harbor freight, etc.  We have tried resigning up for those services and we do get a confirmation short code but  nothing comes after that.  We do get some one time codes from two factors like gmail.  But we still can't get a two factor from SS.

We have spent countless hours with verizon support to no avail.  Our phones are setup correctly.  On one call the tech said the log files showed messages coming in before the 17th but not after.  We were promised a call back but a week has gone by with no call and calling back in has got us no where.   Verizon should take some of those advertising dollars and spend it on support and service.

I see a lot of other posts regarding short codes.  Anyone ever get it resolved?




Re: Not receiving short codes since porting from Sprint
Customer Service Rep



We know how important these codes can be to you. I get some of the best deals and coupons myself. Let's get these fixed for you. Our apologies that we did not follow up with you. Do you know if we opened a ticket with our engineers? Did you get a text message with a ticket number?


Additionally, we would like to speak with you. Can you please provide a contact number and a good time to speak with you?