Not receiving texts from one number

As of Saturday, between the time of 4:00pm and 4:30, my phone decided to not receive texts from one number, which is an AT&T number.  It was working before, and ever since then, it hasnt been able to receive texts from said number or send them to the number.  I havent been able to get texts from the number either, and we both dont know why.

The thing is, I am getting texts perfectly fine from everyone else that I usually text.

I cant figure out if the number is blocked, because I am not the main owner of the family plan that I am on.

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Re: Not receiving texts from one number
Verizon Employee

Hello haruharasanako,

It's strange that you are having text imessaging issues with one contact. I use text messaging all the time and I am here to help!  Do you have issues sending or receiving text messages to anyone else? Can you send and receive picture messages from this contact? Are you using a 3rd party messaging app? If so, please uninstall and trying using the stock messaging app. Which device are you using? Did you make sure the account owner didn't have this number blocked? Did the contact check with AT&T to see if your number is blocked? Please answer these questions so I can resolve this issue for you.                  



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