Not receiving texts in Group Messages on S6 with Verizon Messages.
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I am not receiving all of the group messages I am included in.  This started yesterday.  I was part of a text group with 3 people.  I received a text from someone saying they could not attend something that night which completely confused me, because I did not receive the intial text with the invitation.  I was receiving from one person, but not the other.  They were receiving my responses, but I was not receiving their texts.  Later in the the evening, my mom was sitting next to me.  Someone sent a text to both of us.  We both received it.  I responded and both people in the group received my message.  After that, the other 2 people continued to chat back and forth and continue the conversation and I received none of the messages.  I looked at her phone and I was clearly still in the group conversation, but was receiving none of the texts on my phone.  Why is this happening?  Because this is also my work phone, I am concerned that I could be missing important messages.

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Re: Not receiving texts in Group Messages on S6 with Verizon Messages.
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hi wvsamsung6,

Thank you for your message.  We are aware of some technical glitches affecting some users since the update. One way to check if you are getting/not getting messages is to open your native messaging app. The app still collects your messages. Verizon Messages+ simply copies what's on the native app. 

If you are not receiving all of your messages, please email me at this private email address so that we can investigate your particular device: VERIZONMESSAGES@VERIZONWIRELESS.COM

Thank you!