Sorry if this has already been asked,  but didn't see my issue in search results of recent messages.  

I have a LG V30 and using Message+.   If I have the app open, meaning visible on the screen I get NO notifications of new messages.  I need to go back to my home screen or another app to actually get ntofications.  

Any thoughts?  Normal behavior or what?  

Thank you for any suggestions.  


Re: Notifications
Customer Service Rep

As a valued customer, your concerns are our concerns too. We're sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues receiving new text messaging notifications to your LG V30 device while using the Verizon Message + app (When you have the Message + app open and text messages are visible on your device's screen). I use this app too and it's very important to receive your text messaging notifications. I apologize for your inconvenience and we'll do everything we can to assist you in resolving this matter. Let's get started! How long have you noticed that you're not receiving new text messaging notifications to your mobile device? Have there been any recent changes with your LG V30 phone? (e.g. software update, new apps downloaded, etc.). Are you able to receive text messaging notifications from previous messaging conversations? Apps, like mobile devices, receive updates to enhance its performance. We'd like your assistance to ensure that your Verizon Message + app has the most updated version by following these steps:


1. Open/access the Verizon Message + app.
2. In the upper left-hand corner please tap the three horizontal lines.
3. Once you've done so please scroll down the menu to view and tap "Settings."
4. Please view and provide our team with the Message + app version which will be located at the bottom.


Please keep our team updated. - RobertC_VZW


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Re: Notifications

when the app's open, don't you see the new message come in?