One contact that will only send on Group Texts

A couple of weeks ago my father-in-law created a text group for our family. Since then, I cannot text my husband unless he is part of a group text. I can text everyone else from that group without issue. I tried deleting that group from listed text messaged. I also deleted all records of texting my husband's text, and all his contact records. I tried texting him just by his phone number and no contact record. No luck. I added his contacts back into my contact list first on my phone, then from my google contact list on the computer. That has not solved the issue.

Every time I try to text him, I get the message, "Sorry, you cannot add this media to your message." I am just sending a plain text message.

If I add him to a group text, or create a contact group and add him in it, it is fine. If I go to his contact and click the message icon, when it launches Messenger, I do not see his name at the top. It is almost like the system believes I'm launching a group text with a group that does not exist.

If I launch messenger and type in his name at the top, I get the same thing as if I launch from within the contact list. I can receive texts from him. However, a group icon appears in the main text screen view, not his image and name. I cannot respond to his text. I get the message no recipients listed when I hit send.

This is the Verizon Messenger app, and all my apps auto update so it should be up to date. I also went into my apps manager and it appears to be up to date. Version 6.5.2

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Re: One contact that will only send on Group Texts
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ReneeKahler, we know that messages to your spouse will always be important. Those details have helped a great deal. Let's keep working toward a solution. What make and model phone do you have? What make and model phone does he have? Have you attempted to send a text in any other messaging app? If so, does the message ccomplete in that manner?


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