One person does not receive my texts

Since Feb 1st, one of my friends cannot receive any of my texts. We can both call each other, it works fine. He can send me a text and I do receive it. If  I have tried 1) Deleting his contact, 2 Re-adding him 3) reviewed my account, no blocking is on, 4) Reboot the cell, 5) reviewed his no blocking is on..any help?

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Re: One person does not receive my texts
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Let's get to the bottom of this Brujita! Does this also happen if you both are sitting right next to each other? Is your friend a Verizon Wireless customer as well and which devices do you both have? Does your device advise you the message has sent and has anyone else advised you they are not receiving your text messages? Please share so I may further assist. Thank you.

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