Online Texting not working

Here is a screen shot of why online texting is not working. I can't see text history or contacts, can't receive new texts, can only send texts if I happen to know the number. Using windows 10, chrome. Same result in Internet explorer. Looks like it is failing to get user specific information according to the web code. Would really appreciate a fix to this, since every other threads have failed to provide a solutions, other that to ask what browser is being used.



Re: Online Texting not working
Customer Service Rep

I use Verizon Messages and Integrated Messaging on my home PC all the time, and I can honestly say I would be lost if it was not working.  I am here to help and we will get to the bottom of this.  What device are you attempting to use the Integrated Messaging with?  What is happening with your text messaging on your phone?  When did this all start?-Santo