Only first two photos display in Message+

I have Message+ version 6.3.10 on a Samsung S5 (SM-G900V) phone. When I touch on photos sent in an SMS message, the first two or three will open up to full screen but after that the rest do not appear, only a black screen. This happens no matter if it's on Wi-Fi or not. If I close Message+ and then reopen it I can view two or three more of the photos but then I get the black screen. It's almost like some memory gets exhausted until I close the app and reopen it.  Has anyone figured out a fix for this?

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Re: Only first two photos display in Message+
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We certainly want you to be able to view all of your pictures. Have you tried uninstalling the Message+ application and re-downloading it? Is your phone up to date with the latest software version?


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