Only receive texts from certain numbers

Aside from having the absolute worst customer support of the various phone services I've used ( I was seriously on the phone for 45 minutes trying various ways to get through the machine to get to a customer service rep. Continuously said, "Sorry we couldn't help you, goodbye." or, "We couldn't connect your call". ) I can no longer receive texts from certain numbers.

I can send texts and people receive them. I can receive texts back from some of these people, however when others try to text me it goes instead to a random person. (Which seems to be the same person their texts are getting forwarded to each time. )

I've turned off the call forwarding with *73, I've updated my software, I've TRIED to get in touch with a customer service representative about my account, but that's seemingly impossible.

Offer me a suggestion or don't. This is my last month with Verizon no matter what. Inconvenience on top of inconvenience on top of inconvenience.

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Re: Only receive texts from certain numbers
Customer Service Rep

Having text message work properly is very important. I'm sorry you are having so many issues with your service and that you have not been able to contact customer service. You can reach us at *611 or 1-800-922-0204 and hit 0 to speak to a representative. You can also send us a private message with your name and phone number so that we can call you and take a look at the account in detail. What phone do you have and are you using a 3rd party text messaging application?

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