PIN Texts and Sync Error with 3-21-17 Update

  Turned on the wifi connection last night, like I do most nights, so the Moto G4 Play can do its Google Play update.

  Woke up today with about a dozen messaged from Verizon's Message+ with:
"We were unable to connect your device to synchronize with Verizon Integrated Messaging service. You can attempt to reconnect your device to Verizon Integrated Messaging through the Settings menu of the application."

  Started an online search and see MANY other people have the same issues, and the fix was to uninstall the latest update and to deselect the Auto-Update feature on Google Play.
  Before I did that, however, I went to Google Play and uninstalled the update, then had it update again. Seemed like the issue was solved. About 30 minutes later had started receiving messages with PIN in them... here I'm thinking am losing messages. Log onto my Verizon account on computer, and was unable to find how to retrieve a PIN message - nor was Help of any assistance.

  Rebooted the Moto G4 Play, and the above issues came back. /grr  So, went to Google Play, uninstalled the update, unchecked the auto-update feature, rebooted. Sent text message to a couple of friends, one replied. The other, who uses an iPhone has not replied ... or nothing has been received. Will wait.

  So am wondering what is going on with this update, and whether I should find a different SMS messenging app that is stable.

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My update went through today on the Galaxy S7, did the same thing until I removed the update. Once the update was uninstalled it started working again fine.  Looks like lots of people are having this problem so maybe Verizon might think of pulling the update until they can get it working properly.


  Friend with the iPhone did reply after sending this message. So reverting back seems to be working. However I am looking for a replacement SMS app as with my two jobs I require consistency in sending & receiving message - preferably without PIN numbers that I cannot use.