PROMO problem
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Has anyone else had problems the $1000 trade in promo? I have been given the run around since I traded in all four lines back in September 2021. Now I am being told even though I was told I was trading in two devices, since they each had 2 payments remaining, they were “returned and upgraded” instead of being traded in. Mind you I was not told this when I placed the order, I specially ran through the trade in screen and have been repeatedly verified by other reps that they were traded in. On top of that I am now being told one device is “not found” even though it was confirmed in October it had been received by their warehouse. They are wanting me to pay over 3k for devices that should have been free!! This is how Verizon treats long term customers?! 

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Hello, Alhowrami. We want to make sure you are provided with a resolution to this Trade-In promotion issue. To assist you further, we are sending you a Private Note. *Cassie