Persistent Text message won't go away!

Whenever a friend of mine sends me a text (from an iPhone on att to my Galaxy S3), I will also get a second text message from her that says:

"You received an image."

"Clicking" on this notification just takes me to the regular text message conversation between her and me with no image.  But here is the really annoying bit: After about a minute to five minutes, I get another notification that I have received an image.  Again, "clicking" on it does nothing.  This will go on for about three days, where my phone is constantly blinking at me to let me know that I have this stupid image but there is no way to tell it to go stuff itself.  Eventually it seems to give up until the next time she legitimately texts me.  I will then get her text followed by the endless cycle of "You received an image" notifications.

I have tried clearing the cache on both the built in Messaging app and Textra (my chosen texting app).

Is there any way to manage my texts online?  I'm wondering if she texted me a picture some months ago and somehow I can't see it on my phone and it just sits in the queue, laughing a maniacal laugh while it torments me.

How can I get it to stop?

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That is quite odd, bvz2000. Did you happen to have an iPhone at one time? Does this only happen with this one contact? Are you using a text message app or the one that came installed on your S3?

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text "stop"to 48369 to take your number off of imessage