Phone sent text during talking on the phone.

I was talking on the phone with my boyfriend this morning. After hung up, I had sent unknown message to him. It was from my number and he received It.

it was spooky. I didnt text him. It says something nasty. I checked website and call customer service but I couldn't find out what happen was that.

Anyone had same problem like this?

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Re: Phone sent text during talking on the phone.

Someone, and probably someone that know either you or your boyfriend, spoofed your number and sent a text making it appear it came from your phone. With a little knowledge and ill will this is not that hard to do, unfortunately. It is the same way telemarketers spoof number to make you think it is coming from a local number.

I would look around you as it is likely someone that has it out for the two of you -- and you know them.