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Phone won"t receive picture messages

Hey all,


Over the last few months, my phone decided it wouldn't accept pictures from non-Verizon customers. The pictures will sometimes reach my phone, but delivery will fail. When it says "connecting," it does so until delivery fails. I dialed *228 and reprogrammed my phone, but it didn't help. Also, I do not receive text messages from a different non-Verizon friend half the time. Any thoughts?

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Re: Phone won"t receive picture messages

I'm having precisely the same problem. I took my phone to a Verizon store today and they didn't know how to fix it so I guess I can't receive picture messages anymore. Thanks Verizon :smileymad:

Re: Phone won"t receive picture messages
Verizon Employee

Hello jakebooo,


I know what an inconvenience it is not being able to receive your messages. Have you tried to powercycling your device? Are you only having difficulties receiving from certain contacts or does it happened randomly with different ones? What city and state are you located in? Are you noticing you are not receiving pictures/texts from only one particular carrier?


I recommend you try these steps in order to resolve your issue: Please make sure your inbox/outbox is cleared or erase all the messages that you no longer need.  Due to phone limitations your device can receive a maximum picture file of 350 KB. If the picture you are receiving it's larger than this I recommend advising the sender to reduce the size of the picture.


Let us know if this resolves the challenges you're experiencing so we can further assist. Have a great day!