Picture Issue - LG Octane

Ok, I have read several posts about resizing pics, sending them under 350, having people send them under 350... I have tried it all

I send a picture to my email, it says  "Connecting", then "sending message" which takes forever, and then about 50 % of the time, it says "Connecting" again. All to have it say "Message Send Failed". This has not been an issue for me EVER since getting this phone.

Once again, I've tried everything. It's everyone that tries to send a picture.... and whenever I try to send one to my email - and just started happening within the last week.

Any help??? Thanks!

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Re: Picture Issue - LG Octane
Community Leader
Community Leader

What phone do you have?

How strong is your data signal?  I know when I am at my daughter's house across town I need to be in her front yard to send pictures.  When I am inside her house, pictures won't send (though I do get emails on my BlackBerry).

Re: Picture Issue - LG Octane
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Hello ChrissyNav34, I want to make sure your picture messages work as they should!  Are you able to send messages to normal cell phones?  Are you able to receive messages from other people and email addresses?  Where are you located?  Does this happen in different areas?  I would like to continue working with you to find a solution!

Thank You,

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