Pictures & Videos Deleting For VZW Msg+
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Need to have a feature added to the VZW Msg+ app, that'll allow you to delete more than one image at a time.

I have over 200 images on my text messaging app & can only delete each one individually. It's taking forever!!

...& NO, if a computer is the only way to do it, I don't have one. Not everyone can afford computers, let alone WiFi, etc.

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Hi Scorpio2177, I can understand wanting to get the most done at one time instead of spending more time doing the same task repeatly. Let me check into this concern about deleting all the images at one time. When you are trying to delele the specific messages from an individual that contain the images, are seeing the "select all" tab at the top right hand side of the screen? If so, then after hitting that tab, the little trash can on the side  can be tapped and then a message will appear to confirm that you are about to delete all the messages selected for that specific individual. Give that a try as I just did and all my images were deleted as the app is designed.
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