Pictures sent but not received!
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Why does it look like I sent a picture from messanger, but the person I sent it too never received it?!? This has never been an issue but now it's constant since this last update. Please change it back!!! I loved the app until now! This is absolutely horrible!

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Re: Pictures sent but not received!
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It's concerning to hear about this issue you are having with the messenger app, CHRMUE5 and I’d be happy to help you today. Let’s go over a few details to make sure we turn this experience around and get the messages sending consistently.
Just for clarification, when did you apply the update to the app? What is the make/model of your device? Are you using the app that was pre-installed on the phone or our Verizon Messages? Please provide a few additional details and we will be ready to continue helping.

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Re: Pictures sent but not received!

I have this problem too.  it says 'sending' the 'sent' for a half second and then disappears completely.  they are NOT received by my recipient