Pix or Flix Spam Messages???
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I keep getting messages starting with "You've got a PIX or FLIX message!  To see it, visit..."  Since so many other people are having this issue and I have not been able to locate this type of message on 'My Verizon', I believe something is seriously wrong at Verizon.  I want these to STOP!!  I've read several forums and someone has suggested to block messages from your own number to fix, but this is not acceptable to me.  All I've seen from Verizon support is apologies or instructions on how to retrieve a PIX or FLIX message on 'My Verizon'. What I really want is for Verizon to acknowledge this is an issue and tell us they are working on a fix. 

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Re: Pix or Flix Spam Messages???

I agree - I keep getting these as well and I want them to stop as well.