Please make a new app for chat and return the text app to us
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I like to be able to switch in between text apps, depending on what I am doing.  When I am using my stock Samsung texting app, I am not getting texts from other people who have this new update installed. They have version 6.4.4. IT DOESN'T WORK WHEN BOTH PEOPLE HAVE THE APP AND YOU ARE USING A DIFFERENT APP.   If you want to make a “chat” app, then make a chat app. I have not been using it but when someone who does use it sends me a text, it doesn't come through. Don’t ruin the texting app. I'm not a teenager who wants it to be like Snapchat or whatever my daughter uses. I "text", I don't "chat." I want the previous version back. At least give us a choice. Your new app makes my business contacts download something when I put them in a new group. Make the avatar colors customizable, put back both initials in the contacts, put the scheduled messages back as a long press at the enter button. Make another app for teenagers who like to "chat" and keep the original text app for adults who pay the cell phone bills. Galaxy S6. This chat app is horrible. Bring back the old one.

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