Pnone number from Verizon

I did a reverse lookup for [removed] because they were pestering me about an IRS fraud they want to commit. Anyway it says a Verizon wireless customer in Metuchen NJ. Why don't you call them and see, then cancel their account. I also alerted NJ State Police about it.

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Re: Pnone number from Verizon
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That’s not how it works, law enforcement would be the ones to investigate and take action on legal issues like that so it’s good you reported it to them. You may want to also block that number from being able to call you.

Also, it probably wasn‘t that actual person with that number on their account since most fraudsters with big schemes like that spoof thier outgoing caller ID when dialing out to display a totally different phone number that‘s not theirs in order to make them harder to find.