Poor Customer Service in Fuquay-Varina, NC

There seems to be no other means of submitting an electronic complaint, so I am using this forum.

The store in Fuquay-Varina, NC is poorly staffed, with no regard at all for customer service.

I arrived at 9:50 this morning and found myself fourth in line for when the store opened at 10:00 am. The three people ahead of me were met by customer services representatives and a fourth indicated she would register me (I'm sorry, I have forgotten her name). I told her I needed to purchase a new phone and have some help getting some pictures transferred from one folder on my current phone to the card (for some reason, I have been unable to do so).

I had an appointment for my 18-month-old, who was with me, at 10:45. Surely, it shouldn't take that long to purchase a phone. Over the course of the next 30 minutes, not only did at least 8 more customers come in, but no one finished with the first three. The woman who was helping the first customer seemed consistently interrupted by phone calls to the store and the woman who was checking people in had apparently no other responsibilities.

She told me once (around the 10:20 mark), "You're next in line." I gently reminded her that I had been next in line since I walked in the door when the store opened. I waited another 10 minutes and there was still no progress toward finishing with the other customers. At 10:30, I had to walk out of the store and very quietly indicated to the woman, still checking people in, that it was ridiculous that in 30 minutes, there could be no one to help me purchase a phone. She had no response.

Two solutions: the woman who was merely checking people in and not helping anyone could be replaced by a simple "take a number" (old school, I know!) and could actually HELP SOMEONE.

There should be sufficient staffing for someone to man the phones as a focus and permit others to focus on in-store customers. This was entirely a staffing issue and incredibly frustrating to say the least. I'm not sure it's even worth attempting to go back to that location.

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