Printing older SMS text messages from Verizon Messages app

I have text messages that I never deleted from the Verizon Messages app that I need to print out for a court matter.  The messages still show up on my iPhone 5S iMessages but they are not populating in the Verizon Messages app.  How far back are they saved?  Is there a way to print them out or e-mail them other than 3rd party apps or screenshots?  Are the archived on a Verizon server somewhere that I can get the transcript?

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Are you sure they are text messages and not iMessages? As far as I know, Verizon Messages only keep the last 90 days worth of messages stored to your Verizon Cloud space. What is on the phone older than that will need to use another method to get them printed out. I don't know if iCloud would back up the messages or if there is an app in the App Store that will back up text messages like there is for Android phones.

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We can relate to how important previous messages can be. Especially, when it's needed for a legal matter. Ann154 brings up a great point. If the messages are iMessages, they will not appear in our records because iMessage is an Apple feature.

We do have a team that specializes in retrieving messages for legal purposes that can be reached at 800-451-5242. They'll be able to determine and provide additional details on how long messages can be retrieved for. 

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