Problem receiving texts from Windows Live Messenger

The phone: LG enV 2

The problem: a couple days ago my boyfriend and I discovered he could send texts to my phone from his MSN messenger without me using the mobile IM function that it has, which is a lot more convenient. We'd been texting just fine but last night for some reason my phone stopped recieving his texts. He can get mine just fine, but I cannot get his replies.

I turned the phone off, took out the battery, recharged it, etc. I checked everything on MSN's site about this, and I've made sure that my mobile number is in his contact list correctly so I'm unsure why I'm having this problem with my phone. I'm unsure what else to try now.

Any advice on how to fix this would be very helpful. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Problem receiving texts from Windows Live Messenger

I'm having the same problem...just realized it today (may 14)... I've been scouring the internet for similar problems but haven't found any thing yet. Will keep looking and will post if I find out anything...