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Problem with Messages Egift Cards, unable to send, all of the sudden! Please help!
Enthusiast - Level 2



I found two of the same questions posted in 2015 and 2016, but the posts just died with no apparent resolution or fix, not  even suggestions, beyond check for messaging blocks on your account!


I have checked numerous times for blocks, all 10 of my lines are registered and up until 2 months ago I was sending 5-8 egift cards(typically $100 Ebay or Amazona month and now I can  No longer send them! No warnings, no indication of any kind.

Its becoming increasingly frustrating, I've always paid my Bill's on time(which range from $1100 - $1900/mo) and combined over my 2 accounts, I have 20years with verizon and its predecessor.

However,  the lack of a solution to this after numerous conversations with CS and Tech support, its making me look at other providers. It seems no one has the slightest idea as to the cause of problem,  let alone the solution.

I spend an utterly ridiculous sum of money with verizon every year, nearly $20,000 at an average of $1500/mo and including new devices. I  don't want to leave Verizon, its always been my home, but the lack of resolution doesnt bode well with me, and so barring a solution, I will be taking my toys and leaving. Now , I know it's a drop in VZWs multi-billion dollar bucket, and the prospect of losing my account probably pulls little weight, but this is a bad sign and once this starts happening to more customers, people will leave in droves.

So, please help fix this.



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Customer Service Rep

When did you first start having this issue? What application are you trying to use to send the gift card?


Enthusiast - Level 2

Around April 16th and I'm using Verizon Messages+ to send the card paying

with Bill to Carrier. I've reinstalled aswell.

On Fri, Jun 1, 2018, 4:31 AM vzw_customer_support <

Customer Service Rep

We appreciate all the details and we want to ensure we get this resolved for you. When was the last time you Factory reset the device?

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Enthusiast - Level 2

It's not just my device, its every line on my account!

On Sun, Jun 3, 2018, 5:06 AM vzw_customer_support <

Enthusiast - Level 1

I am also having this problem with all of my lines. By chance was anyone able to get this issue resolved? If so, how?

Customer Service Rep


We can relate to your need to utilize the Egift cards. Help is here. How long has this been a concern? Describe exactly what happens.


Enthusiast - Level 1

I’m having the same issue for about a year now 

Customer Service Rep

We understand your concern and want you to be able to continue using the services you have become accustomed to. Have you contacted us to make sure your My Verizon and account are all set? Was there a software update before this started? Are any other devices having similar issues? What kind of phone do you have?

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Enthusiast - Level 2

I am using a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, the application is up-to-date. Every

line on my account suffers from this problem. Also, it is neither device

nor OS exclusive, as I have both android and iOS- based devices , which all

currently have the most up-to-date OS releases available for the particular

devices. I have re-installed, factory reset, and rolled back updates on VZW


I was able to use the egift feature briefly last month sending a egift to a

phone(which I already owned), which I had just added to my account , on an

existing line, under a new number and once this month to my ex-wife's

phone(VZW SAMSUNG J1). However attempts to send additional egift cards to

the same numbers after account month roll-over, or with different

lines/phones were unsuccessful.

I have spoken to VZW CS and Tech departments on numerous occasions, one

time during which we tried to release and register a couple of lines on my

account to no avail.

As you can see, this is an issue based on the verizon side of things, as

there is nothing I have not tried.

My frustrations lay in the inability to discover the cause on Verizon's

part. It is something that does not sit well with me, as it shows a lack of

complete mastery of the control software/systems being used by verizon

which to me is a portent of disastrous proportions. What if an error like

this affects billing, or personal data, or accessibility to the network.

What if it starts effecting numerous customers.

It doesnt bode well for VZW!

Essentially I feel like I'm getting the short end of the stick paying what

I pay for an account that isn't complete lacking features which I used

frequently. I hope this doesn't sound trite but I feel as though I am owed

compensation for not being able to spend my money with Verizon, which

sounds like a cliche. If it were me and I had a customer who spent the kind

of money I did especially on the egift card functions and they came to me

with an error I would move mountains to rectify that and in the event I was

unable I'm sure I could find a way to personally provide the egift cards to

said customer and charge his account in kind.

On that note I was asked in the earlier email what program I was using? I

was under the impression that VZW Messages+ was the only way to send or

receive egift cards. Is this not the case and if not what other programs or

options do I have to send them? I feel like some level of customer or tech

support should be able to produce egift cards in the event of software

failure like this.

I know on the surface this seems like a relatively minor detail. However

it is very important to me personally, not going to explain the reasoning

behind that but I have become increasingly frustrated, to the point that I

am pursuing other carriers at this point. I'd hate to lose Verizon but this

needs to be fixed or that's going to be the outcome.

I sincerely hope this issue can be resolved. I also want to reiterate what

I feel would be a proper compensation for the loss of complete

functionality of the services for which I pay to have total functionality,

and that being an egift card, either to ebay or Amazon, of no less

than $100 aswell

as an alternate means to access the egift functionality, whether that means

a call to customer service or tech service or an email. Sadly compliance in

the above is , at this point, the only way in which I will continue my

patronage of Verizon. As In writing this email, I have become increasingly

frustrated at the amount of effort I have put into solving this and a total

lack of resolve, a situation which is completely in reverse of the expected

relationship between a Customer and a Payment-for-services rendered


Needless to say I have , up until this point been an avid supporter of

Verizon insomuch as praising, suggesting, and recommending Verizon

whenever the situation arose, and now I have never been more frustrated nay

disappointed in something I have so vehemently touted as "The Best Wireless

service available in the US" on so many occasions.

I apologize for the excessive wording in my response but I am just upset

with the fact that I am even considering, let alone speaking to other

carriers, leaving a company I have considered home for around 20 years and

with which I have spend hundreds of thousands of dollars with.


AG Woolard

P.S. For the record, this email is directed not at the individual recipient

or any particular department, but rather towards Verizon as a whole. I

still believe that VZWs support

On Jun 1, 2018 4:51 AM, "vzw_customer_support" <>

Community Leader
Community Leader


Your "email" is actually a post on the public Verizon Wireless Community forum which is viewable to the public. Both customers and the VZW reps that roam this community.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Enthusiast - Level 2

Oh, hah, well for as long as I have been a customer, that's news to me. I

find it strange replying to and posting from within Gmail. Albeit, beside

the point. This doesnt seem to be providing anything useful either. So I'm

going to give tech services one more chance and I guess I'll be closing the

book on the whole ordeal

Customer Service Rep

MGMGTECH, you're very important to us. We'd never want to lose you, and we understand that it's essential that we get your gift card issues solved. Please reply to the Private Message that I sent you. 

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