Problem with Verizon Voice Mail via Google Voice
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I have no idea if this is the right place for this.  I have for many years used the voice mail feature which Verizon provides through Google.  I do this because it allows multiple phone numbers to use one voice mail.  Someone calling either my home  number (a Verizon number) or my smartphone number will get the same voicemail service.  When I check voicemail, I have only one place to go.

My home number is still working fine.  Unanswered calls to the smartphone now ring forever and then get a busy signal.  If the phone is turned off, the caller is told that they have reached a non working number.  This used to work correctly for both numbers.  I do not know when the problem started, but I replaced my smartphone a few months ago.

I tried customer support.  Very long time trying to find a problem with my phone, trying to determine if my home network is working correctly, …. I don’t for one minute believe this is a device problem.  Somewhere in a Verizon computer is a messed up setting.  I finally had to end the call because I ran out of time.  By the way, I tried the local Verizon store.  They sent me to customer service.

Does anyone know of a Verizon number that will reach someone who understands voicemail?

Re: Problem with Verizon Voice Mail via Google Voice
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Hello, billf82. We would be happy to help. Google Voice is a service not provided by Verizon Wireless. But we may still be able to help you with getting this issue resolved. From your description of when the issue started and how your calls where transferred to Google Voice voicemail, a feature may have been dropped or changed when you activated your new phone. We would recommend setting up the No Answer/Busy Transfer feature. Click here for instructions and a description of this feature:  *Cassie