Problem with multiple texts on LG phone.

I see all these other customers having the same problem with multiple texts sent from their Lg phones. We have made at least 7 calls to tech support and my daughter has gone to the Verizon store 3 times. Her phone has sent over 90 of the same text at times. Verizon tech support says it seems to be a problem with the LG vendor but never offers a solution. I don't know what to do. I'm thinking of going to another cell phone provider that offers to pay my termination fees. We've been customers of Verizon for many years. I may get rid of Fios too if no solution can be made. Why does everyone put up with this kind of service?

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Re: Problem with multiple texts on LG phone.
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We certainly would not want to lose such a long time and loyal customer over troubles with your device. Making sure your phone is working properly is our mission and we're here to help. Let's get some more details. For starters, what model of phone are we working with? Also, is this only happening with Verizon Messages+ or have you had the issue with the stock messaging application?

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