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Problems texting

When I text on my Samsung Gusto and press the space# button, it immediatly goes to the Verizon startup. Can't text.  I replaced the original battery and this is when the problem started.  Yesterday, I changed back to the old battery and still having this problem.  Help.

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Re: Problems texting
Verizon Employee

Hi wdch!

I use messaging all the time, so I understand why this would be a major concern for you. I have a couple of steps for you to try.

1. Try using the # key to space your words, to see if this resolves the issue. Please post back with results.

2. Since you have already removed the battery from the phone(a soft reset), please try a master reset. Here is a link to the user manual with the steps on how to do so. This link will go directly to the page in the manual on how to complete the reset. Please follow the steps and report your progress.

Here is a link to our support page for the Gusto.

Thank you in advance,

Christina B
VZW Support

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Re: Problems texting

I normally use the # key to space between words and that’s when my phone restarts itself.

Is there another key I can use “for space”? I looked at the attached manual but couldn’t find a Master Reset section.

Thanks for your help.

Re: Problems texting

I am glad to see I am not the only person with this texting problem! I have tried the posted suggestions without success, still goes to start-up screen. Software is up to date. Further suggestions?

also when trying to retrieve voice mail get "invalid number message" - I did not make any changes!