Problems with Mass messages

I am a member of a volunteer FD and I handle a program that sends out a mass text message to every member of our FD when a page comes in.  This program records the message and then is sent to all the members once the recording has stopped.  This program has been working fine for the past couple of years until recently.  The message is taking a very long time to send and some messages do not get sent at all.  I logged into the email account that sends out the messages and have found that anyone with a Verizon account is either getting blocked or delayed.  Can someone point me in the direction I need to go to find out what is going on???  I attached a copy of the message being sent back to the email account

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Re: Problems with Mass messages
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Hi silyaaron

I'm sorry to hear that you are having issues. Please email me directly at so that we can help troubleshoot your issue. Include screen shots if necessary so that we can investigate further.