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I love the new Verizon provided text app, Message+. however, over the last 2 phones that I've used it on, I have had some strange and inconsistent issues with it. G2 and G4 by LG. I do not want to go back to the default text app. Just curious if anyone else is seeing the same thing. Example: I will text someone, they will not receive that text. They will later text back something unrelated and we start a different conversation. Then out of no where they will get the original text that was sent way earlier, most of the time HOURS earlier, and reply to it confusing me all to pieces. My text will have a sent status from the get go regardless. I'm also confused about the difference between sent and delivered. Some say delivered and some say sent and there seems to be no correlation between those status's and whether or not the other person actually received the text. Sometimes they receive them when they say sent just the same as when they say delivered. I'm assuming that portion is determined by carrier. Some people I text, it will always give me the "delivered" status and others only the "sent" status. Also, I will sometimes receive texts out of order from others and they will receive them out of order as well. My main issue, though, is the lack of texts being received by the other party when they show sent on my end. Not important to the topic but it is causing some issues with my dating life.... hahaha.

  • It does not matter to which provider I text. (mostly Verizon but some AT&T and various pay by month phones)
  • I'm the type of person that never saves texts so I always delete and keep inbox clean (not a clutter issue)
  • I have uninstalled and reinstalled
  • I have cleared the cache (which does seem to work temporarily)
  • I have force stopped
  • I have factory reset
  • It occurs on or off wi-fi
  • Phone is 100% up to date with latest android os
  • It DOES NOT seem to be an issue with the default text app
  • I have limited the number of messages to keep in the convo to 100

Thanks for any help guys!

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Re: Problems with Message+
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I'm not a "guy", but I'll try to address some of your concerns.  Like you, I've been using the Messages + app for some time, with 2 or 3 different phones.  My understanding of the Sent and Delivered status messages is this:

Sent means it was successfully SENT from your phone into the "system".  Delivered means it was delivered to the recipients phone, and you should only see that with Verizon phones, since the status of the message on other carriers can't be determined.  It does not mean the recipient has actually seen or opened it, just that it was delivered to the phone.

Occasionally I will get texts out of order, if the sender is sending multiple texts or a longer message comes to me as 2 or more texts.  And times I have sent two or more in a short time span, the receiver only gets one.  It does cause confusion, at the least.

I have my convo limit set to 200 messages, and I rarely clear out messages, just FYI, so my phone is probably a lot more cluttered than yours!!

Re: Problems with Message+
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lgtechlover, we appreciate all the infomration you have given us. You definitely covered all bases in regards to troubleshooting this issue. When you said you did a factory reset, are you referring to a full reset of the device itself? This may need to have ticket put so our app team can look into it for you. We sent you a Private Message so we can get more account specifics. Also, Thanks SuzyQ for lending a hand on this.
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Re: Problems with Message+
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Thanks Suzyq!

Re: Problems with Message+

I was having the same problem with my message plus. If I sent a message it took forever to send, wouldn't show the message on my end as having been read. If I tried to use any of the special emoji it froze my phone. After sometime I think I finally found a way to fix it with out doing a factory reset of my phone and risking loosing all my info. I went into application manager, opened the message plus app, force stopped it, a message came up asking if I wanted to replace it with the original,I said yes. It replaced it with the original that had a little green man. I agreed to the Verizon terms. After I made sure all of my texts were ok I went to the play store and found message plus. From there I reloaded it and selected update not download. It downloaded to the old version and replaced the little green guy with the message plus symbol I'm used to seeing. It's working great. All of my texts are sending and receiving like they should and I'm able to use the fancy emoji.