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I would love to speak with someone in regards to my promotions not going through.  I have 8 lines… was promised a bill $371 per month.  Now I have a bill for $931.  I paid the first bill which was for 2 watches, of $162 in which the the monthly bill was supposed to be $25/ month. And included in the $371.  Buy one get one 1/2 off and the phones were BOGO. I was told by Verizon rep that when I purchased this agreement and 8 devise, that my $35 activations fees x8 would be cancelled and reimbursed due to being a new customer and purchasing 8 devices.  Out of 3 devices I am also getting 1 out of 3 promotions.  I want this fixed.  I refuse to enter in electronic payments to get the $60 deducted each month due to not having $938 which was never in the agreement.  I am very discouraged.  It took 2 weeks to even get 3 of the phones activated and functioning.  

please give me a contact number of a human rep. @


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Were able to log in to your My Verizon using the link I provided? *Debbie