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Re: Message is not delivered: General Problems

1.  About a week ago, I started receiving "general problems" (no error code) rejection messages when texting a friend in town with whom I had previously been able to text.  She mentioned just a little while ago that she had exchanged texts with someone else with no difficulty, so it isn't her phone.  (And it isn't my phone, because I have exchanged texts with a friend across the country recently with no trouble.)  Both of us are Verizon wireless customers.  We can speak with each other by cell, but my texts are not going out to her.  

2.  A group text I sent this afternoon reached the recipients' phones six hours later as they walked in my door.  Their phones have my wireless router password, but none of us had our phones on the wireless network; we are all using our respective data plans.

I live in the city in a neighborhood heavily populated with tech users and devices and towers.  

What the heck is the problem here?  Thanks.. 


Re: Message is not delivered: General Problems
Customer Support

Thank you for bringing your concern to our attention! We understand the necessity of staying connected, and we're here to lend a hand in improving your experience. To clarify, if a message failed to send, would you receive a 'Not Delivered' Style error alert, or would the message simply fail to send, without notifying you? Also, were there any unusual occurrences with your device, other than the messages?  MatthewI_VZW