Re-arranged text messages.

Hi, I've been having issues w/ my Verizon Message + App for a few weeks now and I've moved back to using my stock message app on my Note 9. I just downloaded Verizon Message + again, version 6.7.12, I was still having the same problem.

The problem is, with Message + my messages are sending and receiving out of order. The conversations make no sense when you look at them and it's frusterating to me when I used this app flequently and now I can't at all without issues. I've emailed Verizon Communication about it also. I really want to use the app again because it was really nice to see when my messages are read and when the other person's responding. I loved that I could customize the app as well to my liking instead of the stock Message app on Android.

Please help!

Re: Re-arranged text messages.
Customer Service Rep

Good morning, jmchilds87. Text messaging is a great way to keep in touch, so I understand your concern when your messages are out of order. I'm here to help. Does this happen with individual text messages or group text messages? What was the last change made to your phone before this began (software update, new apps, etc)? I'd like to begin by having you reset the Verizon Messages (Message+) app. NO worries, you won't lose any messages. Please follow the steps in the link and keep us posted: